Divorce is full of Uncertainly 
Take Control of Your Future
  • Where are you going to live?
  • What will it cost me to live on my own?
  • What lifestyle will you be able to afford?
  • Will you be able to buy a home?
  • Will you have to rent?
You NEED a Plan.  The fist step is to know what your Monthly income and expenses are now and what they'll be after your divorce is final.  

Complete the info below and I'll email you my FREE Budget Planning worksheet.  I'll send you both my EASY TO USE Excel Worksheet and a PDF copy if you don't use Excel.  Either way, you'll be in control. 

YOUR FREE Monthly Income & Expense TOOL KIT

YOU NEED A PLAN. GET YOUR FREE (Microsoft EXCEL) Monthly Budget Planning Tool. Unlimited "What IF" scenarios Knowing your Income and Expenses is CRITICAL when Buying a Home. YOU'LL MOVE WITH CONFIDENCE when YOU KNOW Home much YOU CAN AFFORD.