Dear Representative __________ ,


You hold yourself out as a Family Man.  The RNC and our President are supporting an accused child molester, sexual predator.  I want you to weigh in MORALLY as to where you stand.  Do you support Roy Moore for Senate or do you oppose him?


My second question:  Robert Mueller is conducting a VERY serious investigations, important to ALL Americans.  Do you support Mr. Muller, a True American Patriot (recipient of Purple Heart, etc.) and are willing to let him finish his investigation for the well-being of ALL Americans?

We elect officials like you to REPRESENT US, we the people.  It is very apparent that many elected officials are actin in the best interest of SPECIAL INTERESTS and cloaking their messages by saying it's good for the Middle Class.

Please know that my myself, my wife, my family and my middle class friends and neighbors are very interested in what is happening in Washington.  We are watching what happens now to determine how we'll vote in the next election and the election after that, and the one after that.

Thanks You


Wayne O'Day

Feel Free to re-use any or all of this letter